I love to use super shelters in cold weather, this time I had a wild idea to combine a Yukon Chair ( a wilderness version of a lounge chair) which uses our PSSL …


  1. Great stuff! That looks like a great way to lighten your load-out. The poncho, space blanket and plastic sheeting are very light and you don't need to pack a tent or sleeping pad. Nor a sleeping bag.

  2. wow that is really cool, Thanks for sharing this!I have never heard of a "super shelter" before,very interesting simple concept. I tend to be all about gear, I camp in a big old 8000 pound van with a space heater and all kinds of creature comforts lol but I am more and more drawn to this minimalist /survivalist style camping because you can get into places you couldn't with a vehicle like mine. I think I'll give it a try ,seems like it would be fun to experiment with.

  3. Your just having more fun than a guy should be allowed to have, great idea plus it works it not just on paper or some one's head but on the ground, patent pending . Happy Trails from an old fart .

  4. Used plastic film in boyscout camping. Kids got drenched from too much condensation! Needed to ventilate for safety. Never keep food, candles or cook stoves in shelter on winter camping. Plastic film will melt from excessive heat!
    btw, how comfortable was it really, to sleep a whole night cramped in one hard framed position? Ever tried hammocks under a poncho & warm dry sleep bag?.

  5. I've truly seen it all. Super shelter? Looks like a piece of thin plastic laid over some branches and a poncho. Also filmed during the spring melt. You wouldn't last one night in this scam in Idaho.

  6. my wife says next Christmas for my PSSLHD….I'm a huge fan of military ponchos and their many uses, so i'm looking forward to owning and using one of yours…i totally enjoy your videos and the many innovations you come up with…but what impresses me the most is how you get out outside and put your gear to the test under all conditions…sorry i have just now got around to subbing…atb…woods

  7. This is truly an innovative way to utilize existing gear. I saw a Youtuber from Canada who extolled the virtues of his Incredible Wilderness Chair that is similar in style to your Yukon chair. Both chairs appear extremely comfortable and worthy of trying. After seeing you use the poncho as a chair combined with a super shelter and being so comfortable, I've decided to attempt the same set up. This looks fun and is a valuable use of equipment. Thanks Perry. For this video, your equipment, and sharing your enthusiasm for the outdoors.

  8. I'd been wanting to try something similar. Thank you for taking the time to demonstrate this and share. I need something that would lift my legs up away from the ground as well. I have several ideas. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can come up with 🙂

  9. I am constantly telling people about Super Shelters. This one is probably the easiest one I've seen to build. Snowmobilers should have a piece of plastic and mylar stored under the seat of their machines. The outer canopy in a pinch could be substituted with some boughs.


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