My good friend Adam and me managed to fit in to a 2 man Dutch army canvas tent was nice camp time warm night in the tent and lots of nice food some building …


  1. RJM@54  2/5/2018
    that gray fluffy stuff Adam used to start the fire
    looks more like gray fluffy stuff that would come
    out of a cloth dryer at least that is where it comes 
    from in the United States not sure about your country

  2. "Can't feel ma toes…. Livin the dream" LOL Good one guys. IT's like I'm right there with I sit on my couch by my wood stove. I can (((Feel))) your pain. Appreciating all your good work for sure. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  3. That tent reminds me of the Hexamed from Zpacks. Now I know where they got the idea.

    Did I see Adam using the blade of his knife to start that fire? Doesnt that dull the blade terribly? Amount food. Laughed at your idea of brunch. Very different from mine. Hehe Thanks Chef!

  4. Brave lads in that frost. Had to laugh when I saw the lint…one of my fave pieces of kit. Do you ever bring tiger balm w/ you? A wee dab w/ a tissue & your shoulder pain is done. Also love that canvas tent. May I ask where you got it? Peace to ya.

  5. I can't believe that I now have to wait another week to watch another of your uploads. 22 minutes went in a flash John. I Wish they were each an hour long…at least 🙂

  6. Awesome video as always! Your desserts there look so much better than the ones here in the States, especially the chocolate cakes! 🍰Lol! I can never find tasty desserts like that here.

  7. Thanks for uploading your videos John. I spent most of my youth camping out but as a result of an accident I can't do it anymore so I really appreciate watching people like you taking the time to post your 'epic' youtube videos. Nearly as good as being there 🙂


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