This is my 200 Piece Fire Starting Survival Kit. Designed for 21-100 days. Great for Packs, Go Bags, Bug Out, or even your Vehicle Glove Box! Amazon Prime …


  1. why no trioxane or similar chemical fuels? i recently stumbled upon one called "zip" which seems to be possibly the best one. they come in a plastic bag and just a strike or 2 from the ferro rod onto the plastic and its gonna burn 15+ minutes of hot tall flames.

  2. Nice kit.

    If you want to think long-term survival , I would have to add one thing, a steel striker (for a flint-and-steel fire).
    Everything in your kit will eventually run out except the lens, and it could break. A steel striker lasts virtually forever and will always make a spark if you can find flint, chert, quartz, or any rock of proper hardness.

  3. I have been hiking/camping for over 40 years…and teaching wilderness survival classes for 25+. A good 1/2 in ferro rod…a pencil sharpener, waxed jute, a 4ft piece of kevlar twine, and a small bearing (like the ones found in fidget spinners) is all of the fire kit I have ever needed…even on trips were I was out for 3-4 months at a time and in all manor of weather conditions.

    Big gimmicky fire kits are unnecessary and vastly over rated. Their only real vale is giving the uneducated and inexperienced a false sense of security.

  4. I don't know if you have ever tried these fire starters, but they are real good. they are more compact & a lot cheaper than the wet fire brand.
    also webber makes a good fire starter. You can get 24 in a pack for about $4 & they are the same as the wet fire cubes.


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