At UNDER 20 lbs this realistic survival bag has everything you need to bug out and get home! Links for the survival gear found in this urban survival kit (aka bug …


  1. My bag stays at home I call it an emergency bag if I have to sleep in a motel tent car but I don't plan on leaving my home.
    I do have a fanny pack on me that's everyday carry and some of that stuff I haven't used yet so I might be taking things out of it to free up weight

  2. I would rethink the contents go light move faster . think of it like scavenger game, there is a world of product in every urban setting
    Pack light move faster then your potential pursuers collect as you go.

  3. Dude, your 72 rush backpack must be light as hell. I have one a 1/4 full and that Sucker is heavy as heck. I keep my 72 in the car or house and i just ordered the rush 12 and i cant wait for it to come in the mail

  4. I know this has been up for a bit, so sorry I'm late to the party. I didn't see a map. Natural disasters sometimes remove street signs and landmarks. You should be able to figure stuff out with a city map though.

  5. I would put a whole lot of condoms in my survival kit hell yeah my man! you know dude! the walking dead cant reject me! its not necrophilia because they still move while smashing my love rod in their maggot infestet woman cave! smashed on my bois dick for hours to that thought! Ill be on my way now! bush did 9/11 and lizardpeople are real. freeze your sperm cause the govermernt is putting chemicals in the water to make you invertile! obama is a muslim and trump is my daddy. over and out.

  6. why do you have your paracord in a tight bunch and also why do you have the glass breaker on the inside of your pack? if you are in a car crash or in need to break a window you don't have time to get into your pack keep it on the outside be realistic.

  7. my god, urban bug out? get skilled my friend, I thug would jump you or an old timmer would slap the shit out of you for having way too much gear. Don't get me wrong but I do think it's good gear but a lot of the gear can be cut out with good skills and getting off the couch and getting in the woods lol

  8. Hey just saying how he said to go to a shelter or something my opinion is if you watch the walking dead you know not to go to largely populated areas I'd be going to the woods or a mountain


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