Today’s video comes as a request to look at the damage difference between the Survival Knife and the Thermoblade due to the removal of durability prior to full …


  1. I have an argument for the standard knife. What happens if you need to scan a fish but do not want to waste battery power with the SR or PC. Kill it with the the standard knife and you can scan it. If you use the heatblade it becomes cooked and you cannot scan it.

  2. If you guys want some tips on killing a reaper leviathan, I would recommend:
    – building a smal base near it with a power source and a scanner room
    -equiping a HUD-scanner room chip
    (These are so you now where it is and so he can't attack you from behind)
    – stasis rifle
    – thermo knife
    – 2-3 charged batteries (you can mis a lot if you take more than 2)
    – first shot with stasis rifel is an uncharged shot, al the other ones are charged
    – hit it with thermo knife for about 20 seconds (charged orb stays 30 seconds)
    2. GO REGULARLY IN YOUR BASE OR THE THE SURFACE FOR OXYGEN (an ultra high capacaty tank is recomended)

  3. I have had one table coral turn into two pieces of table coral on several occasions when I strike a table coral with the survival knife, I have yet to get two table corals from one table coral when striking with the thermal blade, probably mostly irrelevant though, Wow btw, I think I will be using the thermal blade more now after watching this video.

  4. I've got a sound bite challenge. Paul Torgal Voice Log #3 discribes a "Kraken" attacking the Base and nearly grabbing him with its Tenticles. The popular opinion is that it was a Reaper. However, at the time of voice recordings, the original idea was that the Sea Emperor was going to be a colossal and highly aggressive Leviathan. Now if you listen to the Leviathan's roar, [Degasi Voice Log #9 ] it sounds like the first promo sounds of the Sea Emperor's roar in the promo.

  5. Another video idea: How the Scanner Room functions! HUD Chip, upgrades and cameras would be the easy topics however the list of items to scan may be trickier… the list seems to grow as the player ?or? camera drones see ?or? collect other resources within the room's range. Still haven't figured the why of that part! It makes finding rare resources difficult as you have to construct the room, explore a bit, return to the room and initiate scanning… then go out and profit. I can see the logic in that for gameplay purposes (to get you out in the world) but it's also frustrating.

  6. I can confirm the results of your testing. I have killed every aggressive leviathan on the map in my game (except the ghosts in the void of course). The sea dragon would not die to the thermoblade after hitting it over 500 times, but did die to the knife, taking about 250 strokes. (Damn near wore out my mouse). I also noticed there is a different “blood” graphic for the two knives as well.

    One other thing I am currently testing is the debate over whether resources respawn. I know the larger animals don’t, but there is controversy about small fish breeding and if minerals come back.

  7. My guess would be that the lava lizard (and sea dragon because I accidentally tested it in my main world) probably get healed by the heat, so every time it takes damage the heat cancels out the knife's damage

  8. What Upgrades Stack and which ones do not stack with vehicles? There are some vehicle upgrades that don't really say they don't stack with more of it in a vehicle (i.e. Prawn suit jet boosters, Seamoth Armor Upgrades) and wanted to know if more of one upgrade like Armor or Jet Boosters stacked.

  9. Well Done! [Note: regarding the Reaper, in Early Access Developmental, using the Stasis Rifle, the Reaper only took 20 to 22 strikes to kill using the Survival Knife. I'm wondering if this is a current bug in the Full Release. Again Well Done. Cheers


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