My dad and I began construction of a heated shelter. We will use the winter hut as a base camp while we harvest some poplar trees. We will eventually use the …


  1. Incredibly pretty & beautiful scenery particulary starting at the 4.04 mark. If you get a chance to comment please on good snow boots to use then I'd be rapt. I bought a pair when visiting the uS in 99' but need another good insulated pair. Do you have a prefered and trusted brand name pr of boots to wear in cold & heavy snow?

  2. The more I watch, the more intrigued I am with your "journey",,,in every way!
    You and your Dad seem to be on the same page all of the time; both are resourceful with respect to your methods, execution, and sequencing during the builds of cabin and shed, sledge etc. When there arise bumps in the road, you deal with them in an amazingly calm, effective manner. Just dealing with your weather is, in itself extremely challenging.
    Finally, the substance and execution of your narratives make your site all the more interesting:: I am learning as I journey with you, and reviewing the years is exciting
    Have a great and productive "building year" and thank you for all of the time spent recording, editing, and narrating your productions!

    Allen Staples
    Silver Spring, MD

  3. Well I'm excited to find out how Sasquatch commonly known Bigfoot it's going to feel about your insertion into his territory you cannot withhold any information on the destruction he may pull down if on your head if not soon then when he does his migration following the deer or Antelope or whatever else so pay attention to your surroundings
    "you Sir ! are our eyes and ears". So don't leave out a thing. Stay safe though.

  4. Excitement when I saw a new video. Yes, I live vicariously through these excellent snippets into "real" life. In a world that can be destructive, it's fantastic to see someone building not just stuff, but that beautiful bond you have with your dad. How is the little one doing? WARM greetings from TOronto!

  5. Do you know what would be super cool? Maybe you can do it so one day you can build a cabin with your kid.
    I'm not sure what tree is best for that, but plant 9 young trees on a future cabin location, and after 20 years cut them and use their stubs as foundation for the cabin. I wonder if it's possible…


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