Wild camping in the woods, making tarp shelters and doing a spot of camp fire cooking. Whats your thoughts on day camps? Is it now a ‘thing’? Or is it just a day …


  1. Is day camping really a thing? Yes, I think so. To me, "camping" is just setting up camp. You can set up camp any time, day or night. If I stay overnight, I call that an "overnighter." If you're still in your camp the next day, aren't you still camping? I'd say so.

  2. I do a lot of day camping as well as overnighters. Reason being you can’t always get out when you have children. My 10 yr old son does overnighters spring/summer but come winter it does get hard to do full camps.
    The whole point is to feel relaxed when you’ve packed up which I always do 👍

  3. Day camping is a thing. I do it all the time with my kids. We go to "our secret cove" first thing in the morning and have a campfire dinner and tea. Home at night. It got my little ones ready for the over nighter 👍😄 Great video by the way. Always look forward to watching you guys 👍

  4. Love your videos, and would love a bit of advice. Where would you suggest a slightly nervous, first time wild camper, should try in the Peak District without lots of people around? Every time I've been up Kinder Scout there's way too many people about for me! Any suggestions appreciated.

  5. If you built a camp, whether it be canvas based, or some sort of debris shelter or any kind of temporary structure including a hammock or tarp tent & then visited that camp during the day, cooked, mucked about, slept, had sex with yourself 😁 or whatever you wanted to do in that camp then it's a day camp. Lee

  6. Only just recently found you guys and subscribed. Loving your down to earth approach. I’ve managed to get my lady and the kids out camping but not wild camping yet. Will do soon though. BTW day camping?? That’s what we call our Whiskey Walk. Keep up the great work. Greetings from Ireland.


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