The colorful Gila monster is threatened by increasingly hot and dry weather. Although celebrated as one of Arizona’s most recognized animals, Gila monsters …


  1. Heh all these people looking at Gila monsters and they make documentaries and just don't help the animal by simply giving it water or edible food or just rain down some refreshing water on its back gently but yeah that won't happen. I wonder if they even care about Arizonas Hawks they are apex but they seem to be less seen. Ravens are every were in Arizona and they're hilarious my cousin gave one a stick and it was moving and fetching like a dog was it trained we don't know that made my day though. 🙂

  2. a woman in tuscon found a gila monster in her yard and killed it by sticking a screw driver in its head and then went to boast about it on facebook. thankfully she was fined but i think she got off easy. gila monsters are incredible, how could you kill something so special?!?!

  3. I've been blessed with seeing Gila Monsters in the wild, by chance, because I live in Tucson. The video doesn't do them justice, because they have an iridescent gleam to their skin. They have a majestic quality, when seen in person.


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