Sick of Neurotypical advice on how to get out of a depression coma? “Take a walk,” and “have a bath,” yeah same. Have some realistic survival tips on how you …


  1. I struggle with executive dysfunction and self care deficit, and this- I really look forward to trying these. I did not even know dry shampoo existed until now and I'm shook, maybe i can start actually taking care of myself, and it seems brilliant to carry around food and drinks, im- im horrible at finding time to actually eat, half the time i forget or push it off into infinity. I just want to say thank you, I really think this is gonna help me.

  2. You're amazing tbh I relate to this so much! I love your honesty, this is real. It says realistic but I didn't expect something that was actually REAL lol I love this video. I do a lot of this already like my med bag and do the same with food. You're awesome!

  3. Summer tends to be one of the easier months for me to have depression because I get tomatoes and peaches really cheap and then eat them with protein bars.

    If they get bad, then I don't feel so bad throwing them away because they were so cheap to buy, and they help get more vitamins and fiber in

  4. if you live in the US (not sure where else theyre sold) and struggle with eating, get you some complete cookies—theyre the best meal replacement ive found. Also you can get vitamin D3 over the counter which is nice if youre not going outside.

  5. I love this video! I think we might be the same person haha especially with the breakdown of which crockery can be reused without washing. It's so nice to hear about someone going through the same stuff. All the best <3

  6. This video is so spot on. I laughed at the pasta thing, that is so true. If my food can’t be eaten straight from the fridge or microwaved easily, then it’s not happening. Disposable utensils and plates/bowls are a lifesaver. The idea that eating anything period is better than not eating is definitely something I need to remember. Not eating “correctly” causes so much anxiety for me which makes everything else worse but it’s encouraging to be reminded that any progress at all is still a win.


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