In this video of The Forest, I go exploring again under the sea for items. Unfortunately, the developers have removed almost every item from the ocean. Hence …


  1. I had no idea that the developers removed almost every item from the sea, there is essentially nothing left. There are some objects of interest, sharks, turtles, fish, oysters etc, but that is about it.

  2. i was running around with my houseboat the other day near the big island, there was a beam with 2 ropes dropping down inbetween the biggest island 1 of the smaller islands and the cliffs, i haven't mods or the rebreather to actually investigate it properly but this was after the last update and i'm not sure if it's a cave location or something

  3. Farket, so i was playing around with an armsie (however you spell it), and letting it cut trees for me. Then I noticed it couldn't cut down a tree that I had already hit with my axe. I tested it on a few trees and it doesn't seem to be able to knock down any tree with a notch already cut into it. Perhaps this is a way to protect a tree-house from them? This may already have been mentioned, I could of just missed it. Maybe you'll want to test this out. Love your videos, hope this helps someone.

  4. Quick question, how do you choose where to place upgrades on your weapons and axes? Mine always place in random spots without giving me the opportunity to choose where to put them. I’d like to be able to put feathers on the back, and glass on the edge etc

  5. Seems to me like they've removed more than they've added lately. Can't say I'm a big fan of that, I liked making tree houses, painted weapons, placing upgrades to make the weapons look better, rather than looking like a cat vomited a half digested bird on it. They also continuously try to keep us from building in caves. At this stage it's mostly the devs telling us what we aren't allowed to do.

  6. Farket! Anybody help! May be a stupid question but I recently picked up The Forest on PS4 and I simply can't figure out how to upgrade blueprints. On PC it seems you upgrade them before actually placing them but there's no button for that on PS4, or I'm just not seeing something?

  7. Wasting time watching you? Im in! Btw there's an easter egg in The Forest, if u skin Raccoon, but just skin not meat, then hit him with katana few times, snacks come out of it… I was so confused, but try it

  8. So, we already have the rebreather, what would you think about flippers, or just some sort of underwater propulsion? Then they could add points of interest underwater. Perhaps even including items exclusive to these zones, similar to the cave exclusive items, like the modern axe and katana. Perhaps a harpoon gun, to help hunt sharks, or any other underwater creatures they could add. Sunken ships, flooded villages, another plane, cargo crates, fully submerged caves. The possibilities are broad, and it would be a nice new flow of gameplay, and expansion of the peninsula.

  9. Something I'd like to see added would be like Mutant Hounds perhaps, hunting you down with Alpha tribals, you could hear them howling as they get closer. Also it'd be cool to see the tribals learn from you like for example if you use the Noose Trap against them several times, they'll make their makeshift Noose Traps attached to trees and you could get caught in them as you're running thru the forest, or maybe a compact Happy Birthday Trap that they attach to trees with like 3 spikes that could do some serious damage to you. A Zippo lighter would be nice too, make the lighter fluid pretty rare since the wick on the flip lighters are hard to extinguish, or maybe a working miners hat with the light, I mean the asset is already there, why not just add a torch beam to it? A working wristwatch would be cool too so you'd know what time it is when you're in the caves, either digital or glow in the dark watch arms, we use tons to make the explosives, shame we can't run into a working watch Lol


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