Hiking And Wild Camping Scottish Highlands Cooking By The Loch.


  1. Thanks for sharing Stuart. Some big investments in those tents. Surprised nobody was using a tarp and bivvy. You mentioned softies, but I didn't see your top, so I'm guessing you prefer your down jacket instead. Interesting choice of kit. Lightweight titanium spork vs. bouncing bomb sleeping bag. lol.

  2. A six mile yomp across rough terrain to end up roughly back where you all started ! There's an old military saying Stuart, the 7 P's, Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance, going round in circles is not good when carrying a load, beautiful scenery as always though mate and good banter, oh and red is not good unless you want to be seen all the time, nice one Stuart and atvb to you and your family. P. S. Julie has got a nice bum 👌

  3. You had a great walk, Stuart, just to end up close to where you started. A great bunch of campers. If was nice to see the ladies with you. I can tell you, as a female, it's hard to find other females who want to go camping. You had a choice spot next to the water.
    Very good speech on Head for the Hills by Mark, Prophecy Prepper.
    It seems it's best to be in the back of the pack since the habit appears to be getting lost and back tracking. I see the moon was out tonight.
    I use honey with my coffee, as well. I don't use any sweetener with my hot tea.
    Great video.

  4. awsome video stew and awsome scenery. really love your longer videos. much respect for Andrew. It shows in your videos how much you really love camping and the outdoors. Thank you for being a Youtuber bud. I really like your content.

  5. haha! blind leading the blind but at least you got a nice spot in the end.. and a lovely thing to do in honour of Andrew (i thought something might be happening when i saw the sainsburys bag 😉 ).. very nice

  6. So sorry to hear of Andrews passing. I didn't realise who it was until someone said "living well for less", such a young guy. I will miss watching him and his breakfast biscuits. R.I.P. mate.

  7. Hi, if you come across a cheap lightweight tent that would be good for hiking but more importantly, would be long enough for a 6ft 5in tall man, sleeping on a raised sleeping pad, please let me know, thanks Fred

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