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  1. I found your channel through Corporal's Corner. Nice vid.
    I've been thinking about lighters and what if all the fuel was spent. And how plenty of video's on ferro rod use, and how you still have a ferro rod in the lighter when you think you have no ferro rod at all. I would like to see that video.

  2. Great tips and presentation, One thing I have done when the lighter just begins to spark is reverse the rotation a few times. This loads up the wheel with ferro rod shavings and makes for a bigger spark.

  3. Take off the fireguard first, the metal thing, than after shaking for a couple of seconds run it on your pants. I grew up in a swamp, trust me it just takes a couple of seconds that way.

  4. Blowing on the flint/striker wheel with your moist breath (like you demonstrate) isn't going to help drying much. You would do far better tying a couple of feet of string to that loop and spinning the lighter really fast through the air.

  5. wet bic. Attach 2 feet of paracord to the loop on the lighter then swing it in a circle for a couple of minutes. Much more fun than bashing the hell outta ya thighs!

  6. I appreciate the video but why not just buy a waterproof container used for matches and slip the lighter in there? Those containers are the perfect size and have a loop hole.

  7. Just blow all the water out, roll the striker on you pant leg a couple of times. its dry. dont flick it, roll it a couple of long rolls.I was a 40 year smoker, I know what works.

  8. Great video. When you first started talking about the gas lever button thingy I thought you was going to mention what I do to prevent wasting gas but you didn't. Anyways, here's an even better suggestion than making that noose thingy for the little red button. I take a pair of needle nosed pliers grab hold of it and twist/pry it off. Still works when you need it and no accidental flare ups or wasting fluid.

  9. Great vid, I love the gorilla tape tinder idea. Always thought the Canadian jamb knot was a slip knot so I learned a cool name for an old knot that I commonly use. And getting a wet bic to light again, I been there. πŸ™‚

  10. Wrap a few Bic's in a couple layers of wax paper and toss them in your pockets or packs.
    The more the better. after wrapping your Bic with wax paper, secure the wax paper with tape.
    Masking tape burns and thanks to your tip, gorilla tape burns.
    Why Wax Paper you say?
    Take a sheet of wax paper and pour water all over it.
    Shake off the water and light the wax paper.
    Thanks Black Hat Supper hints.


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