logcabin #handtools #shelter Using mostly hand tools, I am building a Finnish sauna or Russian bathhouse with cedar logs in the Dick Proenneke style log …


  1. Hello from New York city, this is my favorite show, my condolences on your friend's passing your comments were very moving. My wife would love to see you play a little more with your dog. Great great show

  2. Yes, life is indeed so short. I can count my best friends in one hand and all of them had gone to heaven in the last ten years, almost every two or three years I lost a friend. But we had great times and loved and lived the best and fullest each time! And we were in the medical field except for one- he was a wonderful musician and more than 4,000 people came to his unexpected funeral; Its okay Shawn, time always heals and there is the certainty that you will see your good friend again in heaven. Stay safe, live long and prosper. (PS- my Mom is still alive and she is 96 years old. She was born the day you published this video- February 22 nd.

  3. I’m confused about all this, I believe I saw you had a wife, but I don’t recall seeing too much of her, and I think you have a daughter?
    Do you have another home, are you there part of the time, year, then you go back to your family?

  4. Sometimes death sneaks up on us, and other times it just sort of eases on in, but somehow we seem to be surprised no matter how it arrives, taking a loved one away. Even though I talked to both my brother in '09, and to my dad in '13, just hours before they died, it still hit me hard when they died a few hours after we talked. It makes you aware of your own mortality, and how quickly life can end. I spent 47 years as a nurse, and it always hurt when someone died. To feel otherwise, I find that person to be cold and calloused. Remember the good times with your friend, and live life to the fullest (as you do, without question) in the time you have here on earth. Stay safe, Shawn.

  5. I found some chaga coffee and have had it a couple of times. Looks like they actually mix it with coffee grounds. Not sure what the taste would be like but with the coffee mixed it, it's pretty good. Thanks for the info.

  6. Todo medido y preciso, maravilloso canadiense, que excelente creatividad, bello, Dios lo bendiga, ayyyyy su perro, Cali, me encanta ver cómo trabaja y seguro que es un gran profesional, por que se ve que es un hobby , o gusto por hacer las cosas bien y perfectas, amo Canadá, precioso país que albergan a mi adorado hijo y su familia, más de once años, bsssssss

  7. Amen Shawn. I’ve lost my three brothers and Dad so young. Dad didn’t make it to 56 due to really crappy dna. Both older brothers and now also my middle sister. Take care. We know two things are sure: death and taxes. Funny/not funny when it comes to youth. My youngest brother died of testicular cancer at 18. Such sad loss of youth. But we all live with what we’re given and not to be preachy but I’m hopeful.

  8. Wise word Shawn at 70 I have lost friends and I have been married 50 years and a day doesn't go by without telling my wife I love you and how blessed I am to have such a wonderful woman in my life. Those are not just words.

  9. bien le bonjour de la FRANCE super vos videos le paradis existe sur la Terre vous l avez construit de vos mains Monsieur quel courage et quel proffessionalisme encore un Grand BRAVO bon courage et a bientot j espere

  10. Shawn i enjoy all of your content you put out from both your channels ive even started following you on Facebook and Instagram. thank you for all the content. so very very valuable the information that you share.


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