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  1. I have two wool blankets and am about to have a Warbonnet ridge runner bridge hammock. This will be my first sleep-in hammock and was wondering if you knew of any experience using a wool blanket rigged as an under-quilt on a hammock. My hammock will be a double layer so a foam pad can provide some insulation. Since I live in a higher humidity area I'm interested in knowing how wool blankets perform?

  2. I've used bicarbonate of soda for cleaning pots or clothes in the way you use wood ash (with some army 24 hour ration type packs its digestive properties have come in handy too in the distant past) but the wood ash is infinitely more practical. I'm considering the merits/drawbacks of boot liners at present and do they warrant the space in my pack, again thanks for a thought provoking upload.  

  3. Just curious as to why no extra socks? I've tried not wearing any, the smell, as well as the slimy feeling…yuk! Tannin gets rid of the smell…but not the slimy feeling. Any suggestions?

  4. What's the name of your pack I've been looking for a good one. I watched this whole series and each video I liked the pack more and more. Thanks for all the information you have given I can't speak for everyone but I can say I've learned more from your channel than anyone else's wildernessoutfitters a close second

  5. I'm the same way, very light on clothing. Extra T-shirt, poly pros, and about 3 pair of socks. I recently tore the cargo pocket from my trousers clean off and had to field repair. Like you say, as long as you can sew you"re good. 

  6. Your Clothing highlights where you mentionned matching your kit to where you live. Here in the west half of Washington and out on the coast in particular; rain is the issuse. I can not imagen go out for three days or more and not have alests one full change of cloths and two or pairs of socks. We are the same as fare as how far north we are but here the teens is usally as cold as it gets. Wet is what is going to be the big danger. Sence water takes heat away faster than the air. Even with out the issuse rain I still would go with Nesmuck, he list carries more cloth in his pack list.

  7. Just a couple ideas 1. roll blanket in the tarp. 2. Treat the mittens, and have two, and/leather gloves w/ inserts. 3. have you ever killed anything with the slingshot? You should go light, but cache things and multiples for other season. From 30yr military and MN guy. All in all good stuff, commend on archery stuff,great talent.

  8. I really appreciate this series! I've gone through my pack so many times taking things out and putting things in. I really like the net bag for all your possibles so you can see what is what without dumping it. The idea of the two waterbags is also a huge plus. I had not thought of putting my hammock inside my blanket with my clothes and that will certainly make room for what I need in my large compartment. 
    Sometimes common sense needs to be put in our faces when being out in the woods isn't something I do all the time. Where I live it's not possible, so thank you for helping me make those right decisions. 🙂 Funny, I have a pk like yours but without the cordage on the sides so it really all works out perfectly now. 🙂

  9. Hello Mitch,  I really  enjoyed this series " The 1 Kit".  This Is Some Great Information and Well Organized. I also enjoyed reading your Introduction About Your Channel.  You have been subbed, and rated  as "Approved by Me " 🙂   I look forward to watching more of your videos. Be well, Peace.

  10. Greetings from Tennessee! Love your vids dude! Quick question: how do you do laundry in winter and keep them from freezing while drying? Fire? But then how do you keep them from burning? Just watch it close?

  11. I like to have more clothing. I keep an extra pair of BDUs, Tshirts, Dago T if it's hot, Long sleeved Merino wool T if it's cold., 2 pairs of sox, boxers and swim trunks.

    This is rolled up and stuffed into the bottom of my pack (Same pack as yours)


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